the magic spell


sammy is standing in front of the window one afternoon and chasing his dick. simply normality. bees are already flying outside… but the hunting is not much fun for him. he does it just because he always has a dick on his booze and needs to get out of it ... different people walk around, but none of them think to look in his direction. in addition, the curtains already remember quite a bit and goes through them equally spherical to see, so he feels totally cool and not at all strange. sammy says himself he'll give it two more minutes, but he's still internally convinced he's going to leave it ... head over to chase other things. he thinks of ann and all her bullshit about how insincere she is about how terribly sorry she is about to break up and that nobody else is in thein relationship (exactly a week later he was carving that blonde dry dick his first shipment of clothes into her aparment in his white car, so as the ordinary people say, the bed has not yet cooled and another one was already in it), or how they should give themselves a time and that she certainly does not want to divorce (while by doing so at one of the many very emotional and very embarrassing exchanges of messages, which at least a couple of weeks freshly after they broke ann send him quite often, so the next day sammy had in the mailbox completely filled in the divorce application with the electronic signature of the lawyer, that is, the lawyer lady, the pussy, her best friend which, unfortunately, has not any experienced a single relationship in life, not the only passion and that´s why she is not against the mind to write shit of this type, but be forgiven) ... or how ann put on sammy´s heart equips the rumors about not leaving his homeland and moving to the city, when, after a few months, they met in the street accidentally, there were no words that she liked to see him, but rather, something in the way of being knip into her life and also remembering herself how she wrote to him that she was not a heartless bitch, but sammy had long ago known that he had come upon a bitch of unbelievable proportions, a heartless and unpretentious whore, an indoctrinated egoist growing up only with her retarded sister, so raised as an only child. very confident and purposeful, it should be noted that a completely average economist, without any human qualities, successful only thanks to the wealth of his great parents ... he himself suddenly remembered eva and at the moment he did into the piece of dirty curtains ... on the lawn behind the window the dog just pissed off and when he finished the work, he had a blissful expression in his face ... the bed is still warm, sammy thought….little joy - evaporar



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