before you go to sleep


fuck, fuck, fuck. i was relieved in the morning. a bottle of cervaro dela salla was rolling on the ground and the other one was right next to it (hmm, so i spread out solidly). i was quite afraid to close my eyes and look next to who i woke up to again. we delayed the moment as much as we could, but curiosity and piss were far stronger. i was surprised to find that i was completely alone there, and in fact, i was a little frozen. there could have been anyone, but in the finale i thought that it usually couldn't be a complete jerk, and that was just as true of beauty. i tried to make some shards, but i couldn't remember anything. i was 39 and i felt i still had enough strength, though sometimes i was running out of breath, for something big. my wife and i whistled it three years ago. we both evaluated that it was no longer worth worrying about and we would each go our separate ways. that is, it was me who went my own way, and i also bare shit. but that's bullshit, the old wrongs have grown over time. shit on it and shit on her. i wondered for a moment what day it was. i was convinced it was saturday. yeah, the cell phone showed saturday morning 8:31. messages none, one missed call 0:44 and then full of shit and nonsense from so-called social networks, for god's sake. i sat on the edge of the bed and took another break for another action called moving to the shit, or ten steps straight along the kitchen, turning on the coffee maker along the way and not making too many moves. surprisingly, it wasn't so bad and i even found myself humming one hit from yesterday damm, dis-moi by chtistine and the queen. i turned on the water, waited ten minutes for the hot water to start flowing, pissed in the shower, and kicked out my dick, hard. that d minor day began to change its character quite fundamentally. i brushed my teeth and even though i tried not to look, i stared at my face in the mirror. it probably depends on the angle of view (resp. the extent of the hangover), but i also evaluated it quite well, so i smiled at myself… as i'm used to, so i had a small strong coffee with sugar (yes, espresso) and then one more. it was still quite numb in his head, but importantly, the traditional sense of guilt still didn't show up, and even that stomach on the water began to resonate relatively toward the spinach croissants at the bottom of the bean. and bob did not disappoint. as usual we exchanged a few words in the sense you look like again. like, man. for the rest of the day, he peered at his running shoes and persuaded to wear them and take my five pounds on the road. well, what did i say in the end. it's saturday, so i still have almost two days before i wake up again to that fucking hopeless monday. in the final it wasn't that bad. all the while i was wondering what to do tonight. i whistled the pseudo-friends straight away, but i thought i could go to the center for some tapas and two reds for a maximum of two. at half past six i grabbed a nine and retreated to the center with it. in the tram, according to the shape of their eyes, there were only a few laughing strangers, two tricks coming from the shift, and not even a caress could miss it. the road ran nicely and on time. i jumped a stop earlier to take a walk and soak up some summer air. i sat down at the bar, ordered a two, and watched the beginning chirping inside. the wine was famous. the second glass together with the tapas even better and somehow i started to feel that i would not stay with the two and the evening would stretch. i was still not in the mood for the company, i was quite satisfied with the fact that i don't have to make any awkward conversations about the weather, work and children. the bar, meanwhile, filled up quite solidly and the calls were louder. i had coffee and took it with me to the terrace. i still had cigars left from yesterday, although i thought i wouldn't touch them today, it tasted really good. i took two in a row for the shit (as usual) and listened to the two girls who had talked about the night before. they seemed that friday party was absolutely fantastic and mike was a great host blah blah, but i didn't really believe it. the whole thing seemed pretty unnatural… i don't know and it was me: i don't care. and i gave them too… i tried to call the number i had on the phone… i woke up at 8:31 in the morning, the same thing i did yesterday… "i thought you wouldn't answer", she solved the whole situation for me. arlo parsk – green eyes.

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