friends with benefits



see you at the spot tonight?

sure, we can go for a drink (the truth is that i am solidly horny and i suppose that she does so).

we talk about nonsenses, job and friends. she makes me feel good.

the chilean wine is great and jamie oliver did his best ever.      

she´s beautiful, sexy, funny, has a sparkle in her eyes and a smile that makes a man fool.  

later in the evening we go to my apartment.

i feel much more better there and do not have to go back across town in the morning and stare at the sour faces on the street.

beyond she doesn´t mind. she will give out smiles in all directions,

phone to her best friend amy for an hour and buy a salad in lidl for the lunch with the chilly sauce.

i'll take a short nap yet and in the evening i will go to the cinema alone.

i hate to share my cheese popcorn with someone else....

or shall i call her....? morcheeba - undress me now



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