the mint tea


I meet mrs. miller on the stairs... how are you ali? i am fine mrs. miller, i answer.

she wants to talk, but I have more important things to worry about. karim is already waiting for me at the cafebar on the corner over a cup of mint tea. holding the handy he seems to be cool.

we greet, chat about the weather and families, then remain silence... yeah, we discussed the plans a hundred times, i know it by heart and the evening is far. 

so what, asks me karim over a cup of mint tea THE DAY AFTER? in the latest news they spoke about 129 i said..

he´s sipping expressionless but it looks like the tea is not so bitter ...

what next i wonder? nothing bro, go home and pray!

i meet mrs. miller on the stairs and i ask her how is she - she´s crying ...

Ducktails - Letter Of Intent



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