charlie´s theory


„see you again?“ asks diana in the early summer, after not very successfull dinner party to celebrate the birthday of charles fourties, in the morning at the train station. charlie says nothing. spirit thinks of his first wife kristin, with whom he was so good and still do not understand why they broke up ... till that time everything was wrong and things started to slip.

he met diana through "solid" internet dating, where, it says, goes no cratchpads, freaks, maniacs, marriage dodgers and the greatest tragedics 30 years old and above (almost always with commitments), but only interested in a serious relationship, who they have experienced in disappointment or experienced in the reality of life and do not want to burn again ...

charles is fortunately only the greatest tragedian of the 30 years that I know and has no further substantial deviation, so he could almost unqualified to register.

they slept together after two weeks and according to charles it was nothing much. he also complained the darkness, and she refused to smoke his time she said. in addition, she wanted only the front position and had to squirt into prepared paper napkin on the bedside tabel because she hates the semen. all this contributed to the fact that even at that time knew it at the earliest opportunity whistle. and the weekend event, when he expected to get something more than just a cheap cologne, traveling bottle of brandy and dark chocolate this beautifully recorded. additionally, he embarrassed in front of his parents when she was very active in servicing guests which came say in words four, including charles and diana and this was it.

sex is very essential thing in his life and spoke about it often enough. basically, execpt of their own apartment is the the most important woman´s aspect. 

i've been knowning him for ten years and since this time he replaced about ten shorter or longer relationships. it has more or less stamped by the quality of sex and the number of traveled kilometers where he must go beyond them.

he always comes to see me in early summer after next bumbling relationship and the rest of the year i don´t see him. during that time he aspirates off the heart, cursing the female and their damn job (selling car colors) and recalls how he made a mistake when he broke up with kristin. thus, it takes about two months before he gets a new taste of his visit a year earlier dating profile, where he ticks in the box relationship - single.

train runs away, diana tries to smile and charles is searching my mobile number .... it is the 15 th of july and my phone rings: „what are you doing tonight, i would like to drop by for a chat ...“.

In fact, it is quite advantageous deal ...charlie is a fucking genius! jamie xx – loud places


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