watchdog´s life


no one was here since the morning. at eleven o´clock stops jimmy to feed me. he is nice. he is throwing me a tire again and again because i want to play. i know that he is tired of it and he would rather be with leslie (jimmy is a fag and still anybody knows it. it's kind of big trauma. the entire family, neighbors and the whole village will condemn him) but because he likes animals and he is very compassionate, so he always says himself one more time and thus lasts about another twenty minutes. then nothing. all day boredom, cold, inhospitable and uncomfortable. on the field behind the fence, chases rabbits and deer i blew them as well. yet, I feel that i have a pretty enough power. furthermore, in those granules that are giving me must be any crap because my muscles are incredibly growing. in the afternoon, i take a walk around the fence and bark to attendant next door. he raises his hand and spits. i huddle in the evening into the hut and i will be woken up at midnight with fireworks and firecrackers.

this is how it goes throughout the holiday season. fucking christmas, fucking cold, fucking watchdog‘ s life, who has no real master and has no real home. jimmy is doing like me. only unlike him, i can at least lick my balls.

even of this fact, i am so sad ... frank ocean - lost



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