at the seaside


ned? ned ryrson? hi dude, i almost did not recognize you ... we used to go to high school together, remember? in the fourth year i caught a cold sore waist and i almost didn´t pass the final exam ... what a prick, i thought. you don´t remember me, phil zamora. but you know, that i remember ... i think at the same time the yesterday´s shaq. my god, that bitch that was great. i met her in a bar the OPEN SEVEN, where are going all kinds of vermin, but sometimes there can entangle a lady who needs just such a company and i was there yesterday. he thought herself lisa and all the while she was curling at her husband that, although he is in money, but the ground impotent, which is playing every night over and over again an old socialist soap operas, getting drunk with the chilean red and munch on the peanuts from a bag ... phil, he looks like an ad for a bank loans and that too just makes ... talking about how he earned a bundle of money when just before personal bankruptcy, insure some two psychos from albuquerque, who established the sect, and it has today, thousands of members ... phil intres all of them ... he has two secretaries and one assistant already.

inviting me tonight to his apartment on the beach that we can chat and phil introduce me to his wife.

i never thought i would go there, but in the evening, when i returned home, i found the ticket in the jacket with the address and that day just is not worth much and nobody expects me at home. moreover, it is a friday. although i managed accounts with that stupid article about the organic waste and boss praised me in front of all my colleagues. what the eco feeling i had... but he is still a fucking dick. just chasing his small ego before empleyees.

so i take a cab and go to the top of the beachfront villas on sunset. the driver is a sympathic pakistan who's not talk much. the only thing it fails, is that just last night took some lady to a similar address. then he calls his wife and all the time talked to her (or perhaps pretends, but it's still better than most embarrassing dialogues in pragues taxis). as such, it seems that they are having fun together and solves a lot of big purchases for the weekend. i'm watching the sunset over the pacific. I always wanted to live by the sea ...

i´m ringing, but nobody opens. i'm going inside than.

there is burning in the fireplace and on the table are two empty bottles of montes, purple angel chilean wine (really, really good brand), phil is already drunk and mumbling that he is glad to see me and turn on the third part of cottagers with glee .. there is a big bag with peanuts and lisa is smiling at me in the kitchen hall. what a coincidence! as soon as this motherfucker felt asleep, i fucked her in his bed. then let's get a couple of bottles on the porch with her (she is not going to work) and a mobile phone embarking on and on go back by damon albarn.

phil is right as rain in the morning and preparing the coffee. he asks if i want an interest-free loan. no, thanks. i appreciate it at the beach…



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