hitchhikelovers rules



originally, we had to go together. me and kelly at the beginning of summer - two months off driving across states, we have jointly reached the bottom, get together and have many unforgettabel experiances. every night under the stars or somewhere in the sleazy hotel. how we want. unfornatelly, the entire previous year it was not worth much and at the christmas time I had a sort of subconscious and unmistakable vibes that i undress the christmas tree in her apartment for the last time. I was preparing our cat too for sure for a long time and I think
it was not that one.

right now it's friday afternoon, i am at the begining of my journey and i'm alone. kelly explained me that she still loves me but she would rather take a break than i find the lost self-confidence, which I was full at the beginning of our relationship (overcross, how often she used) and stand life as a man. then perhaps we will let´s get back together.. it's exactly the same scene message of a film which we loved together and i thought was that this dialogue was totally wasteful.

trucks zip around and i without turning, raise my left hand with a thumb up. i am calm and i rather wish nobody stop me. i think of the kelly and with each car pasing through me i am getting better and better. after about a half an hour walking this beautiful landscape out of the city and when i am begining to receive that shit, some truck with a big tank stopped. inside the cabin some guy with mustache simpers at me and encourages me whether to get on board. the radio plays a at full blast tame impala - the less i know you better, and the cabin smells of cigarette smoke. perfect stuff i say myselfm and i am offering joe as i learned later, one lucky strike. crowling from new york to chicago, which are intermittently for about two days away, so easy ... joey is a good guy off the bone and he´s been riding his truck for thirty years. the journey is his life. once upon a time he used to go home. his wife always prepared him mexican chilli beans from COOP, fried eggs and the best steak with fries. then he took a shower and two days in a row they fucked. once he returned home unexpectedly with a bouquet of roses, joey caught her at home with a neighbor. a good buddy, by the way. since then, it's still on the way, and if not, then guzzle beer in service stations on the road. but even so, still has a sparkle in his eye, and even humor, he did not pass.

at night, we build in a place outside the city - roadhouse inn. let's get seconds and a few drinks. joey went to the truck and i still treat myself to a beer and watching chubby-cheeked waitress, who was smiling at me. ending at eleven, she said ... but i can not. i am still in love with kelly, even though i know that unlike the film we wont´t get back together. everything beautiful is somehow lost. the sence one for another, emotion, passion, love, empathy, two of us .... one body, one soul ... it's sad, but it's not true anymore .... the mobile phone is still deaf. no message, just stupid advertisments.

in the morning, i´ll have a cup of coffee (trampled chicken shits) and sweet croissant. joey is already in the parking place and starts the car. floor it slithers the chubby-cheeked waitress with the scrawny guy with a long neck, who was sitting beside me at the bar. they do not look neither satisfied nor dissatisfied…

i get into a cab, and we roll it direction to chicago. we talk about football and suddenly joey pulls the dick out of pants and begins to chase him. i look at him a bit puzzled. he smiles as a freak and asks me if i heard about hitchhikelovers rules? something for something… i´ll take you and you blow me. i say nothing and pull out a knife, who's given me my father before he died ....

joey still grunting, but i think it's done. i killed him, well i've got nothing to loose. i think that he didn´t expected it. it´s a pitty he was a nice guy.

Outside, the rain starts to falling down…. the mobile phone is still deaf


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