summer breeze



after many years i met maggie on one of those stupid corporate parties. even after such a long time she looked fantastic and those few extra years made her only superior. the figure was still incredibly sexy and she constantly loved wine. actually, i don´t know why we had broken up ... maybe we got tired of us, maybe she wanted something more or someone who is not such an ordinary idiot as i am. maybe she wanted more go out among these posh idiots and talk about who where on a more expensive holiday, who goes to a restaurant where they have guaranteed the freshest oysters, organize parties and get invite to parties only "to be seen" wearing branded clothes and carry in expensive cars. i looked at it from the outside and i never much underwood this shit. these people came to me, like vampires who suck my strenght and although they toured the whole world, so they are incredibly boring and soulless. never mind. anyway, maggie was obviously glad to see me, and i do so. we sat on the outdoor patio and ordered richebourg 2009. bob, a colleague of mine has already pised off home and maggie wasn´t suprisingly in a hurry to be with vampires. she is very successful in her work than we broke up, devoted to yoga and plans to move to tuscany for some time .... she wants to slow down a bit. i didn´t ask the family life ... rather we started reminiscing about " the time before" and quite a few have had so much confiscated. after midnight was fun in full swing, but we still chat outside, let the breeze fanning the july in prague and smoked one after the other. maggie had beautiful eyes and i could not stop looking at them. when i came back from the bog there were sitting some motherfucker next to maggie and asked her if she needs escort home. i didn't like this fucker never ever and i tactfully suggested him to piss out home alone. a nice guy rolled his eyes and maggie was amused. i was never rude, but lately i didn´t piss with some kind of stuff. a nice guy in a nice new jacket for a moment seemed to be fighting, but had tired eyes and maggie laughs he also hinted about what they believe in him. i don´t know what they had in common and nor do i care. rather, i did not care what who over the years she had. she was attractive in all directions and she liked wild fucking a lot. we went to dance, my god she smelled so nice…

we went to her, of course. taxi driver to see us, asked no questions and trod on it as fast as he could. she still lives at the same address. third floor, the elevator mirror and unreal view of the entire city. "toothbrush is still at the same place, you always had..." she said... "you didn´t throw him yet?" i haden´t got a finger in my ass for a long time but it was worth it ... miike snow – heart is full 



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