berlin´s review


i get up at seven in the morning, but does not want to suck me out of bed ... and still let time drift fading my dream no matter what kind it was. 7:18 i jerk off my dick, turn on the stupid show on one morning, but because they can not listen to that crap, so i switch to deuce. there is even worse. since then, what the cow is allowed to increase the goats, so it is absolutely horrible and lost all the sense of humor. i'll have a banana, coffee and two cigarettes on the balcony. there flies a gray pigeon every morning and he looks really good .... fuck, i take a shower and think about what to wear .... similarly, it does not matter. in the elevator and the stairs nor foot so ... where the fuck are these people? I go upstairs and I go way ... to stop driving the car like shit! on the bus every morning with grandpa cap our representation and two pipins, what are talking about job agency. the rest do not perceive. three stops and hop into the subway. rabbits are moved from point a to point b. i am one of them. i play the music, it makes me really well and do not feel so pent. step out at mcdonalds and i´ll have one more cup of coffee without coffeine. every day there is still the same girl ... huge taatoo, nose piercings and purple hair. i would not want her. the subway graffiti spray, but somehow it does not feel right. that public freedom of expression, somewhat broken the whole philosophy of underground´s art and those idiots there to paint a kind of elephants, of which the girls at lunch whisper as great they are ... but anyone who has the ball knows that it's a total shit, what to paint every oven . before ministry meet an elderly blonde with a cigar and a security guard smiles at me. beep and go for it. turn comp on, greet colleagues at ten conference - blah, blah, blah ... you'll do it and you do not do it! ok, tasks are divided. have fun forced to strain. 11:30 bulk are going out for lunch. everyone knows that it is there at the time the queue as a bitch, but at least there is reason to delay there a bit longer and cut up few more minutes. 17:30 beep back with bunnies they have fulfilled their daily mission from point b to point a. i am one of them ... in the pussy as a fact? yeah, in the pussy as a fact ... lilacs bloom outdoors and mum´s waiting for me at home... lea santee - dreams



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