public enemy


she sat in front of me at the main station ... people like shit and the only free place, you know. was interesting and crazy at first sight ... red nails, red undershirt, huge, tasty tits and a jacket that was not the cheapest ... without makeup, with a slightly crazy person expression ... kept glancing at the little girl, who stood beside her, and her eyes still shimmering expression before a few minutes ago spent very strong orgasm ... she had two little black piercings on her lips, what looked like small freckles and hair in a ponytail .. does not spoil the overall look ... rather the opposite ... the little girl stopped entertain her after a minute. she pulled out the handy and wrote to him ... those all the pajamas how great it was, and she’ s still all wet and before work she will have to take a shower and also on how to looking forward to see him again ... in her mind already planning how to get along, find the aparment, he’ll get divorce and they will be happy, but it will never happen ... i wanted to tell her, but i thought that it will not spoil her the day ... she already knew ... sometimes a man is happy just when things just think ... someone with that sense lasts the whole life... most of us. i stood behind her sight, but did not bother me ... i was wondering how it looks this guy ... i bet shoes he is an fucking idiot ... maybe 'boy, what drove you no longer' boy ... mirek Dušín, who's secretly smokes on the toilet ... 'boy, what will fondle their lovely children in rags beautyful hair, look with his wife (gosh what a cow) that everything is fine, but she knows it well, too (gosh what an asshole) .... but they can not just think .... she get out in the square of love ... never see her again ... i still have four other stations yarian – just tell me


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