the bulletproof window


they got in together, hand in hand and they looked pretty serious ... girl sat, the boy stood. she wore glasses, a dark lipstick, black rags and looked as if waiting for what to do with them ... boy looked at her and tried to take a look, and from that then read something, but she didn´t look at him not even once. they had no luggage, but i felt that the there´s a time to leave each other and they will not get togehter anymore ... they both knew it, and they waited for the other guy to do something ... this feeling totally paralyzed them. they had never experienced anything like that .. finally, the bus stopped on the street of meeting... how he hated it when the station would not approach that had dropped out and breathing in the fresh air up on the street. today, with her calmly he rode the final station and back again, just to make her not to leave. but the system was relentless. very austere and impersonal female voice announced, „ get out please the door is closeing“. never mind that he loves her and that it thus can not simply quit trying to look around .. around to give him some help, but nobody cared ... empty faces and even emptier eyes ... everyone had lots of their troubles enough. the game is over ... he kissed her and shook her hand as if the players shook hands with paul gascoin when he scored against Scotland in 1996 ... it was strange, but at that moment she became, at least for a moment, a live person. that gesture aroused her emotions. the door closed and drove off the station .... he stuck to the window, but she did not look at him anymore... 

i understood them, i am alone as well, but the life in a hope is giving a hope porches - hour


Reach out

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