juicy burger


i met that homeless in the morning in front of mcdonald ... can not walk, dirty, pissed, hairy, expressionless eyes ... clutching a full-five with some white shit (probably chardonnay) ... the whole day was not worth much, but i quite got used to these meetings ... - not to talk, make notes and nod my head to director belonged to the most important. i write to block what blows out the weekend - well, just as it will be different. joan makes me a stew from my plans and everything will be in her direction as usual. do that and do that, and yet this and not this. claire next to the office smiles to my jokesjokes more and more andi I'm toy, it will not take long time... although a little tramples on the tongue, but she is cute, has nice tits and spunky ass, so we'll see ... because i am not in a hurry, so i was work delayed a bit longer and the metro strolled everywhere ... people like shit. In the front of macdonald i met that type again. well, more like snoring on the catwalk clutching the same bottle, which left little in the bottom. i approached him a little closer. he was smiling ... neon indian – slamlord rising



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