rainy clouds


 i woke up the next morning in a strange apartment, next to the strange woman, with a hangover, but without remorse ... i've felt nothing to steff, and frankly i did not care what she was doing and where with whom it (the guy i sincerely repented). i turned to the other side and saw a fantastic bare ass ... i did not even have to fight and nuzzled her. the cat did not react at all. i stroked her hair and face, expecting smiles or moves or pushes me, curse them, give me a slap, but no response. nor do i want to fuck, and honestly do not know if something happened yesterday, but i was horny as hell, because i remembered how stephanie likes fucking hangover the morning after. she was fierce and capable of anything ...

it was a warm, moist and delicate. beautifully smelled and had long brown hair. morsel I had a pretty slow. i really enjoyed it and thinking of the boss. that fucker staring at his watch and tells where the fuck am i. after a moment she began to breathe deeply... it was really strong and i'm in was not in a hurry. i felt that i loved her and she loves me, and that we love like two fools who do not have enough to each other. i kissed her neck and ears and whispered in her ear that i love her and i believed it. she told me herself to come to her. i'm lost in time and space in it. i had no idea at all what´s her name and especially how she looks like. she got up and went into the shower. i lay there for another ten minutes and listened to her singing hey jude. her heights was not much like me, but did not sing out of tune. i closed my eyes and prolonged the moment when i open them and come back to reality. i held it for a moment. but i began to be sober ... so yeah, buddy, it's time ... i sat on the edge of the bed and quit blinking through out absolutely pure white bedroom with new furniture and a chandelier that resembled a disco ball. i tried to remember her face, but i had total box. shower stopped running, but she did not stop singing. somehow i didn´t experiece these kind of moments, i experinced a lot in my life, but i was a little uncomfortable and nervouss. suddenly i saw two smiling big peepers wrapped in a bathrobe with hair in a towel, " do you like eggs?" she asked ... "yeah, and i had to talk with your boss and i apologize that today you won´t come. the whole morningr your phone was ringing and i could not sleep, so i picked it up ... "she said and i stared as scalded. "here is a shower, and if you do not mind i prepare the breakfast on the balcony ... although it has 1 x 1 meter, but lying down there ... i got it ... calculated ..." then, do not we go for a walk? it is a beatifull day "..." i'm emily, by the way, in case you can not remember "

the fall was at the begining and i started wondering what to buy her for a christmas ... siren a/way



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