the curtain was pulled up and the premiere began. this movie was incredible shit. raymond never not made anything worse and vowed that with the good slashes this is the last movie he ever made. he was only thirty-five, beer was behind already quite a few films. frankly, except the first one all of them just sucks. the biggest ass on it was, that the larger the films was crap, the more money he got. actually, he did not really played. he just smile, sometimes someone gunned down and eventually fucked with the main woman character (which was already clear from the same beginning). thus, like in his life, just did not shoot anybody. after tonight premiere he was clear, fuck it!

he sat in the middle of the first row of padded lounge chairs (where else) next to him, mellisa. representative of the heroine, incredibly normal relaxed girl. she didn´t fit into this movie world of false friends and douche bags. probably, it was because of she came from a wee town from the midwest. mellisa was blond with a twinkle in her eyes and perfect feet. silicone tits also didn´t need.

she liked ray, but other than romantic scenes in this movie, they had nothing together. she liked his gentle dumbness (she did not say that he was stupid, he just simply an occasional things were running later than to the others ... but in the end it came to his mind, which was important)! She wasn´t definitely done to ray, like on so little allowed for putting it together after the party is over the top floor of the trump tower, where they had reserved the presidential suite for $ 10,000 per night (mellisa didn´t sleep in such kind of hotels and she was wondering what it will be there) .

it was the beginning of a warmy autumn and on the beaches during the day roamed surfers like in the early summer…

when the lights went on in the hall and the movie began, leaning on each other ray comfortable making sofas, corner of his eye he winked at mellisa smiled at her. she smiled back. instead of enjoying materialized popularity (today's evening belong just, just him, he was the one big star) and enjoyed to see mellisa naked later in the night and to what she allows him (ray was quite enough crazy) and how it will all congratulate pacify him, as great he was (because of serious he is), how convincingly does he played, what is a pity that he does not yet have an oscar, thought so at his childhood friend franzi, which one recently invited to his home with the prospect of a huge party, when going to talk about the good old days, booze up, roll a joint, listen to some good music and will end somewhere. instead, however, was quite spasmodic embarrassing meeting, when there was really nothing to talk about and ended before midnight with the fact that franzi should go to his girl. next morning came a short message from franci that ray is a fucking high and mighty dick. he was sad about it ...

under the silk chair ray has hoden two bottles of veuve clicquet special edition brut with two glasses. he poured both full and he gave one of them to mellisa. mellisa squeezed his hand.

the curtains spread, people started clapping (long, Infinite standind cation) ray felt like a fucking high and mighty dick.. yeasayer silly me 



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