me casa est su casa


sheesha strolled down the street and feel fine again. these eternal quarrels, slander, plates broking, sobing, making up, drinking and fucking tired him tremendously. although he was a little kid, so he was not crying because of that. he prefer walking to aunt lily. her lifestyle was completely different than he knows and she was crazy by the way. she attended lecture him always naked, she was always cheerful and from her cunt dangled red shoelace. sheesha do not really understand it, but chase, a guy from the class explained to him, that a woman's monthly flow of blood cunt when they are not pregnant and have something to stop the blood. so there stuffed with cotton lace, so it could then pull out because it is too deep and allegedly why you have to have a really big dick, he could he really do that. chase knew better than sheesha. chase shows his dick very often ...

aunt lily was a good and very pretty too. uncle fred hanged himself, and nobody knows why. aunt lily ever since (at least as far as i know) did not find anyone else. sheesha had always great time with her. she always poured a little sherry with water to him. she drank red, domaine de l´obrieu cule les antonins 2010, and the fact we played really good chill out sessions handsome by modeling – sunshine. she hadn´t got absolutely great voice, but sang cleanly and was singing into a lighted.

lately, sheesha used to go there more often and often. his parents had just appeased and in one piece drank and fucked. it was not a pretty sight. sometimes sheesha slept by lily. their parents did not care. similarly them, in this period he was rather a nuisance.

outside, just beginning to fall leaves, wild geese was about to warm landscapes and the air began sown winter. sheesha hummed and his back was dozing backpack. he went to lily straight from the school. In the middle of the street he met an elderly lady with her dog and she smiled at him. yet, he got rose and perke up such a good mood. he rode by lift to the third floor and rang the bell. lily was opened in robe, under which, as always, she had nothing, only the string. chase today all day grumbled into sheesha that when the aunt was poured and starts to snore, so let her pull the cord. sheesh it seemed everything strange, but he was curious. that would koalas ... it was friday afternoon and aunt had one bottle of red in itself. lily prepared sandwiches and started to talk about how she met uncle fred (always talking about when she had been drinking), what kind of guy he was, and how they walked along the boardwalk by the ocean and how all the women rotated at him. aunt lily was getting more and more drunk, babbling and smoked one after the other. throwing her legs over the side and sheesha between the legs still pacifier how the lanyard still sways from side to side. finally, she started to crying (it's always done) and then she dropped out on the couch. sheesha waited she rotates as he will need, and meanwhile sipped her unfinished drink watching the aunt how beautiful she is. approximately fifteen minutes later ran her aunt left foot from the couch and sheesha staring at her pussy. looking at as scalded and even thought that it take a picture on a handy that chase believed him. but because he felt some moral responsibility, and it finally didn´t ...

he pulled out two red balls on a string about the size of a walnut, which smelled oddly and were gooey.

sheesha covered lily by the blanket and stroked her hair. then he cleand up the whole apartment, washed the dishes, brought out the trash, watching the telly and then went to the bed.

at christmas day aunt lily gave him a teddy bear and on a new year´s eve she jumped under the train...

sheesha has nobody left but said himself that he will not give up ..




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