love and married


mary knew long time ago that something was wrong with her. some guys liked her pretty much, and when her goats grew a bit, she started to go to the cinema with them and after the movie she got hit and kissed in the park behind the cinema´s parking place. she was still cool, and she liked it quite well, though she still lacked a sense of inner dissatisfaction, but she believed it would come. moreover, she threatened to challenge her troubled child when she raised up a tortured alcoholic father. he never dared to marry, but the older sister brothers really enjoyed him ... rather, he enyojed them ... and it was not a nice poking ... her first guy was a half-sister billy, where she stayed the whole weekend overnight when she was fifteen. uncle billy was a bloody overgrown pig of drinking beer in one piece already from the same morning .... mary liked him pretty much because he always came when her half-father was weaving ... they were watching tv together and the billy was already nailed. he opened another graveyard and when he reached it with one shot, he said mary to come to him and sit down on him ... mary still remember that there was a doyle tim show on tv ... uncle billy was biting her goats and then he pulled off her panties. he smelled of beer and pepper chips. mary did not know what to do ... he told her to pull the sneakers off and put his dick in his mouth and do nothing, just pursed his lips ... he put her fat, dirty fingers in her cunt and ass ... in a while he came into her mouth ... he tell her to swallow it that it would not do anything to her ... then she sat down on himself. he has quite huge dick as he was fat. mary did not worry, but she was not nice to her too ... uncle billy splashed straight into her ... he did not do it at all ... when he was done, let mary go to wash and said to her to no one to say is ... after a few months, billy had missed a peck ... she had not gone to the funeral... another of her might was her college professor, mr. miller. he was an old worthy master with a flattened collar and a short white beard that his woman died a while ago. mary liked how gentle he was and once mr. miller called her into the cabinet. mary had a long dress. she put down her panties a moment before in the girls' toilets. he did not have to say anything, mary had relieved him, she knew exactly what she was going to do. she rolled her skirt up to her hips and sat down on his desk. she liked how his beards were shining on the inside of her thighs. she went for "tutoring" once a week. mr. miller has always been just licking her cunt. it was enough for him. mary has mastered the literature test for A ... she also had a great number of classmates, but she picked older guys. she did not admit it, but she was searching in them her father, whom she had never known ... at high school she was already clear that it would not go with the guys. she closed herself and did not talk to anyone. here and there somebody shuddered, but she did it just to feel that she was with someone, feel his skin and body... she did not care about these guys, and she hated it when they put her dick in her cunt and led him with the nasty speech or they say they loved lher during the orgasm ... it was even worse. but she found it quite helpful when she was thinking of sheila, he teacher of japan language who wore a boy's dress and had short hair. she smoked one after another and listened to sébastien tellier - kilometer (simply a lesbian like a whip). sheila was pretty dull, she smelled of a special kind of musk, which was incredibly excited to mary and did not wear a strings. mary had fallen in love with her from the very beginning. their japanese lessons shrank into dialogue for only two of them ... the others did not say anything, and they were glad to concentrate on their own, insignificant nurseries. one crying morning (it was the end of april), which mary preferred to fall sleep, decided that invite sheila for drink, but not as they used to when they were with the others, only their two ... just like a classic date ... her roommate went to her parents Into the bakku, so she had the whole apartment for herself. she cleared a bit (well, all the rags stuffed under the bed), settled (which she had never done before), put the dishwasher in the dishwasher and water the flowers (they had only one cacti) and chill out the wine to which she bought on the basis of advice for extra money in the wine shop hall eighteen seventy - three cabernet sauvignon 2013 and wondering what they will listen to for the music togehter. she did not invent anything and went to shower. she was showering for a long time, and she really cared about it. she was thinking about sheila and she was very excited ... (her cunt was very wet). she had not feel so well for a very long time ... when she arrived to the class for an hour, there was already waiting laughing sheila. no one else was there. great, mary thought ... when sheila announced the joyous news to her, mary was terribly happy, but she could not resist ... they talked for a short while, then she apologized for not feeling too good today. she wished sheila good luck in pregnancy and everything good for a wedding ... then she sat on the first bus in the hamlet where her parents had their grandmother's house and where she was so happy when she was a little girl. she used to go there every weekend, help her grandfather on the meadow, and feed the rabbits ... but it's been long time gone ... no grandparents or rabbits live anymore ... the letter did not mary write for the farewell ... she did not think she'd write anything about it. . pitty the wine…



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