forest full of feelings


they did not even talk to each other once or twice ... any eye contact was not done either. but they beautifully fucked... with the full engagement and determination, anguish and reconciliation. they had known each other and had been sleeping together for a long time ... they did not hurt and really enjoyed each other. one another and myself. eventually, after more than one hour of running, they merged together into a really gigantic orgasm and eddie squirted into Lucy. they  were laying in the bed for a moment and breathed deeply... a burst of leaves was heard in the windows ... the fall was coming and the clock showed half past one in the night.

lucy thinks at steven ... she feels very nice with him. yesterday, he bought her roses and went to the SPOTT for a ridge monte bello by santa cruz mountains winery. they smiled a lot, lucy looked beautifully. everyone could keep eyes on her. she wore like a queen. she knew she had... she wanted to show up and she wanted to go out. steven was wealthy, cheerful, he was overlooking, friendly, standing and he has the power. besides, he was an incredible sympathetic, and all those cows that have seen them together were envy. his only deficiency was that he was bored in bed. not that he did not know how to do it. he tried but he lacked ideas and fantasies, he did not show his feelings very much, he could not change the pace of the game, he did not speak nasty, could not be rough and did not have a big dick ... just average (otherwise in the other absolute above average). after all, he has suffered by his size since his youth ... the other boys showed their contempt and made fun of him in the school changing rooms and then in the dressing rooms when he grew up. it was also one of the reasons why he stopped sports although everyone predicted him a huge professional career ... and he knew he had on it.

sex and sexual satisfaction are more than vital for lucy. she is not considered a nymphomaniac, nor is she frustrated, but good and regular biting is one of the pillars of her life's happiness and greatly influences her behavior. just like the relationship with steven. he just can not do that. thah´s why she still alives the relationship with eddie, who has nothing and all his life's peripetitions, he does not believe much, but he's crazy with him in bed. he'd always been able to fuck well after these years ... he was the opposite of steven. tough and harsh, he liked experimenting, he always knew exactly what lucy was in the mood and what she wanted, and he always brought her into the fantastic orgasm. without eddie would be uploaded ...

eddie was thinking about Lucy ... he still loves her still, although he has officially broke up many years ago ... he tried a few other relationships, but the program meant ... he wanted everything to be like in the past but much time has passed (lucie wants more) ... every day on those thursday fucking he hopes something will change, but it's always the same ... sex without words and kissing (lucy only does not want it, it will come too personal) ... then separate showers (eddie walks like a second one and he does not shine to keep her unconcerned. he looks at her how beautiful she is and wants to touch her face and hair, but he will not) and they turn each others back in her bed.

the alarm clocks they shoot separately...

"so, next thursday" she wrote him after a few days with another misfortune sex with steven thereafter he showed her coachella flight tickets... oscar and the wolf - breathing





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