conflict of interest


greg was mad when he saw her for the first time ... she was beautiful, she totally cut him off ... black hair like a charcoal and an ass that would cost him to kill everyone... a special style of walking as if he was jumping but so graceful he did not mind (he was pretty picky ...). she never looked at him directly, even though she was flirting with every guy she had just met and lou was quite pissed offo f that ... but he did not want to get involved ... he was not the guy ... he was waiting, but as always ... he did not even have a mood in his current situation. although he was still charming, but who was receptive and knew him well (and did not meet such people so much), he could see that his ever-glowing eyes had lost a piece of long-lasting shine... even in the opinions he was a little more straightforward and sometimes he simply did not care ... they met at one corporate party just before he left laussane... she called herself fea (catherine reminds herself too ordinary) and greg had been a paff of her even more than when he used to watched her through the lunch time ... she was completelly different than gina ... cheerful and immediate, she loved music, wine, art and architecture ... she was beautifully laughing, she had a blush on her face and she could not get red even though she was quite uncertain in some situations ... they spent together at the party all evening, and then they stayed in one very nice bar where only two couples like them were walking (disappointed with one relationship and kicking the new one with the hope that they will never get back into the bar again, but they all always hope for it). It was one hour in the night and greg ordered a bottle of sena wine by eduardo chadwick ... the bartender was a nice guy, cured alcoholic. he liked people, and when he could help he helped find their lost soul ... only two of them sat there but they did not notice it. the radio one played washed out - hard to say goodbye... fea said about her childhood and a tyrant daddy, for whom she has run away from home several times. greg listened to everything with interest, and her opening was very sympathetic to him. he let her talk ... when they finished, he ordered taxi and went on a journey to her home. he did not think he was going to her. he only asked for the number and escorted her in front of the house where they put their kisses like two good friends ... they met again when greg returned from the states where he was in a boring conference and his only experience was when used black socks got out of his very expensive leather pouch him after he left gina on the important meeting... and that's what greg seemed like ... like used socks that got out of a leather bag for two thousand bucks ... he felt pretty miserable ... rather like a pike… he only thouhgt about fea and wrote her more than enough ... they knew about each other almost everything through the hours and hours of writing, so it was useless to give them more space to get to know each other better than to sleep together ... invited her for the weekend to the cottage in the middle of a small insignificant lake ... they got mad just after they arrived ... they both liked it very much, although ... fea smelled differently and chuckled differently, in sex would she was a little crazy and nothing was strange to her, she was experiencing it more than enough, and greg felt that she was really enjoying it ... she was not ashamed at all ... it was terribly impressive for greg ... it took him a moment to understand her body and was nervous enough, but a couple of bottles of red did their own and they did no do anything else all the weekend ... they just fucked, ate, drank, and laughed ... greg desired for this feelings a years, but now it did not happen when it came. he felt terribly empty and had great reproaches. he found himself a friend... a perfect girl who understands him and he understands her... her common interests and hobbies, but he was still thinking of gina. he smoothed fea, but he knew it was gina ... he slammed fea, but he thought of gina ... he joked but he did it all just for the bitch that destroyed his life and he can not forget it ... fuck! on the sunny sunday afternoon they went to the boat and greg was not completely in his skin ... he wanted to tell fea that it would not work but he could not say anything, but ... she knew it, he knew it and new it the boat engine as well, which did not jump ...




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