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when was vincent a small child he was bullied by everyone, including his parents. because of his appearance, dark eyes, the hump on his back, the immorality and the shyness ... so it went up to the middle-high freshman when he drew a lot, his back disappeared, spread his eyes and enlarged the shells and his muscles grew up. his classmates did not make fun of him anymore, but they also considered him a fool (he never denied it), and he did not care ... at least he did not have to explain anything to anyone. one nice sunny afternoon, and after lunch for a long break, three classmates with a higher grade were waiting for hime, like they´ll give him a lesson. one of them seemed to have broken his skull and broken the skeleton's chest, the other had sophistically broken both hands in which he was throwing by a basseball stick in each move, and he choke the third and last until he stopped breathed. before a juvenile court he just said he was sorry. the question what led him to such aggression and coldness did not answer anything. it seemed to him that he did not get over it. after the incident, their dad left and vinc's mother started to really drink an extraleague (they had never seen each other, she had been in a squat in illinois).

the young vince was placed to a juvenile snare, where he has just improved in all possible ways of violence, hurt, aggression, thieving, lying, and all other ways of practicing a young man's life. at the age of eighteen years, a perfect monster capable of doing absolutely everything came out of the crime ... in addition to having a great desire to commit evil ... right before the entrance, a great pope pete was waiting for him (he already knew about vince). for three days he gave him a beautiful, horny, and very sensitive whore (pet's favorite one). vince had fucked with her for three days in one piece and then accepted pete´s offer.
blackmailed and murdered politicians, journalists, inconvenient people, athletes immersed in betting, entrepreneurs and even one priest. he was totally professional. any personal convictions and relationships have gone aside. he always got a photo, basic information and it was. but it has been a little bit of a lot of fun recently. the violence was still excited him, but definitely not as before. more and more often he thought that he would definitely get caught up in it, moved far enough to the countryside where no one knew him and he would make a vineyard there. he has got money enough. and do you ask about his conscience? that just after all the disgust and the things he had done, he took a scissors in his hand and started to harvest grapes? and what the hell ...! just piss of the conscience ...!

he eventually decided for another big deal to kill a son of an inconvenient gentleman who refused to take tithes to a non-governmental grand pocket of a great pope pete, as he liked to say. the wretch, chuck was his name, he could not do anything, but it just goes out of the ordinary ... it should happen this evening. chuck had to pick up sasha about six-thirty at her apartment today. sasha was beautiful as a picture. charming black eyes, thick long hair, she was smaller and had a terrific tomato figure. she snapped strangely (she knew how to wear herself) as if she was still dancing and had a look that the guy would kill for. she was very cute, and chuck fell in love with her as soon as she was getting a tip from him after absolutely cool coffee in the coffewer where she worked ... they had been together for about three months and they slept together on the first date (that´s the way it works these days). i has to be said they liked it both.

chuck rang exactly half past six, sasha looked great. she had a flowered dress and her hair pulled down. a big black bead and a small handbag over his shoulder. they kissed and chuck gave sasha flowerw as always ... vince spit over this gesture and looked forward how he snap off this young fucker, but before it, in a very brutal way before his eyes, he rape his flower sasha in many different ways. vince drove behind them. vince was holding about two cars behind them and rubbing gitanes. in his car, the music was lined up by mocky put it in a song (a fantastic passage, he rated it absolutely self-consciously even though he did not understand the music too enough) and the sun was shining outdoors . in such moments he sometimes said himself that life can be quite beautiful. but then it did not matter ... he just simply missed the red and the trucker no longer had the chance to stop. he was pretty pissed off all day, and he did not mind when he'd picked up the beautiful black car. vince broke his cervical spine first, and than in the second crash he broke his skull over the center axis. his brain splashed across the car. when his soul was finally leaving the car, he still said he would not want to clean the covers ... he forgot about the vineyard for good ...

half a goose on it, chuck poured rubicon 2011 by f.f. coppola (indeed, very good-quality wine by the way) on the terrace of its tiled flat overlooking the boulevard and the sea, where it took about two minutes to walk and he thought how beautiful life is. sasha took the top of the swimsuit ...


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