christmas carols


he knew she was lying next to him, but he did not admit it. he had a beautiful dream about how lindsey came back from perth and told him she could not live without him. but it was just a dream... that bloody reality had begun to begin slowly but surely get under his skin.

roger still had his eyes closed, but she felt he was looking at him and waited until he opened it. he had a drought in his mouth, and he incredebily need to piss off. he held it another minute, then turned on his side, sat on the bed and looked at her. her name was valery, but everyvone calls her vally. she was beautiful. roger completely forgot about it. thick brown hair that waved at the end, huge eyes deep as wells and incredibly full of lips. when she smiled, she was even prettier and when roger remembered all that they did together at night ... wow ... he was a bit embarrassed, even though he had a mad hangover, so he realized that he had huge erection and that he was horribly horny. he searched for something to cover it up, but found only her fragrant string panties and it did not really fit. in addition, he would not have cover by that anything. he brushed his teeth with a foreign toothbrush (he noticed the men's deodorants on the mirror shelf, but he pretend he did not see it) and washed his face with hellish ice water and then again - it was just as pleasant as the hot shower, he will take later ... by his hand he adjusted his hairdo a little because roger could not look at himself in the mirror. he did not manage it for a long time. only then decided to go to vally. she was amused to look at him, and he was still covering himself with the same mighty erection. it seemed even bigger than when he went to the bathroom. vally uncovered the duvet and spread her legs. there was no need to say anything. the scenario was clearly given. roger lay down on her and without any need of using his hands, he put the bird right in the cube. she was beautifully moist and warm. despite the fact that they were bursting all night, he had never came (unlike vylly). but it did not last for a minute and it was already on it. he felt he was going to do it, and he wanted to pull it off but vally pushed him firmly against his thighs and did not let him go away. he smoothed it straight into her, and had a whisper in front of her eyes. for a long time, he fell somewhere. all of the energy gathered was suddenly outside, better to say in vally ... both of them lay for a moment without movement, and roger rose again without hesitation again and went directly to the shower. both hands were leaning against the wall, and hot water flowing down his back. the mirror was foggy. he didn´t have to look for the shampoo. one of them vally brought him and gave with the words that it was left behind by her husband ...

utdoors were snowing .... roger made a snowball out of the snow and headed for the chimney at the opposite house across the road. hit him ... says he is really good ... then he put his hands in his pockets and walked down the street ... his phone was beeping - lindsey wrote ... asgeir - king and cross




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