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it´s half-past three and logan is silently sitting in the office. listening to the laugh in the next rabbit´s flat, otherwise, silence is everywhere. he does not look out of the window anymore. the building outside are gray and in the windows in the opposite building are the same tragedians like him. the street is not the main one, but it is quite busy. one car is passing, then nothing, than the second one, the third one, then someone starts to horn. logan watches the clock on the wall. time is moving fucking slowly. at three o´clock, the secretary snorts, smiles at him, and ask if he wants a coffee. logan tells her to go home. she's a nice lady who has loved him for years and knows everything about him. husband left her right after he discovered she is pregnant. logan said himself many times he'd take her for a glass or two after the work, but she knew he'd never do it.

logan glanced around the table. on the one side, the pile with what is waiting for him (bigger one) and on the other side what he has already done (smaller one). in the opposite building, there are slowly extinguished all the lights in the offices.

in the hallway logan meets a few colleagues. greetings each other and nothing else. the guard at the exit is a little bit different. this guy who snores him every day (maybe logan can steal the printer or what) says that tomorrow will start to warm up and that sparta has a title in her pocket.

logan walks home to a hairdresser (starts to gray, though only a little, but starts), buys himself at a corner shop two whole-wheat rolls, red pepper, goat cheese and a bottle of rioja by baron de ley (he wondered if take it and finally decide that yeah).

the right chaos begins in the underground, so far it has been a open-and-shut. the ants are getting up and performing as agog. the system does not have anywhere. in the square of the free republic, a lady with a dog who had watched him all the time sat close to him.

at home there was silence. logan took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. he liked the feeling when no one can, and he is the absolute master of the next twelve hours until he wakes up again and does not start to subordinate everything to the nonsense.

he did not go for jogging. he made two sandwiches and poured himself wine. it was full and delicious. the food was great as well. after the dinner, he was just a little tired and he was waiting in the ceiling. he thought of simone and thought he would text her, but it did not make any sense ... he drained his cock, took a shower and went to the bed ...

it´s a half past three and the secretary knocks on the door ... no, today not yet ... outside some car is beeping – a fucking jerk, thinks logan. he can not do anything, anyway… metronomy - reservoir



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