princess of maine


for the first time kevin went there by accident. was the end of october, and the trees were almost without leaves, but the proper winter had not started yet ... just in the morning it was already a serious cold, but it was always a good day or it was raining during the day but it was hanging in the air ... no doubt ... peoples faces looked somewhat surrendered and, like every year, the autumn deck began to dump. kevin used to wear shabby red-scarfs that had been attributed to the life of "before", the afternoon wandering through the streets, and listening to the lost highway. kevin has just gone through another relationship that he has always given absolutely everything, and of course it has not always worked out of course, and of course he was totally at the bottom, it can be said, fuck! he often thought about it, but he did not think of it as a single wicked solution, how out of this ... he was probably too accustomed to loneliness, or simply choosing unsuitable (the word is not fitting into the human realm) of his partner ... her name was elza but her artistic pseudonym was simone. although she used it actually in ordinary life. they met together at one exhibition in a smaller insignificant gallery at the opening of a very insignificant young artist who was unfortunately never successful in the future and in the next life even more (because he became a dog) and, like most other photographers ended working on the product photography, but this is not this story about ... elza or if you want simone there stood a model as one of the living statues depicting the symbol of fertility (in that case she can´t represent anything else). kevin, in the beginning, like all the visitors, to find art, but it must be said that the show/art presentation was one average shit and only one that was worth seeing at the show (and later he noticed that he was not the only one who felt that way – there were only guys) was simone. as a symbol of fertility, she was not allowed to wear panties, and it was all fucking-crazy-sexy. kevin was always just passing through her, but he'd been there for a long time, and he'd been there for hours and he did not feel stupid at all. simone, his daintyness was quite sympathetic, and she always smiled at him when she was taking a break and going for a cigaret. and not from compassion, kevin was not a complete despair. he was able to earned some money, had a solid apartment in the center of antwerpen, every evening he had a bottle of a flat lake by leo hillinger for 9.9 e, and in a quarter in the middle high school he was chosen as a most sympathic graduate of the school year, which testified to something. desperate was his expose, which, unfortunately, he had always gone, and he had already been remarked. once kevin added courage, and invited simone to a drink during the smoking pause. she agreed, and kevin was extremely happy ... everything was cheerful again, the more colorful, the air smelled, and birds sang ... about a month after kevin and simone had met regularly, and kevin thought they could move on more in their relationship, simone told him not to see him again ... she got together with the photographer ... it was a month till the christmas and kevin had no gifts yet ... it quite calmed him down… i wanna win – jaako



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