the day before

they were lying side by side and deeply breathing. in the reflection of the lamps on the bedside table, their sweaty bodies were shining. ellen thought of andy and sean at sammy again. they both waited for the other one to say something but neither of them wanted to. but something must have happened. it was clear... the silence was unbearable... and they both were drown. they even apologized one another that none of them had ever said anything because they knew how hard it was. sean cleared his throat and then once again, and asked ellen how she was at work (nothing more stupid was in his mind. such an idiot am i, he thought). ellen smiled slightly (as typical) and said they should end it. "do you have anyone?" asked sean. "and you don´t?" (i am such a cow, she thouhgt). "i have, but i still love you all the time," said sean, observing the ceiling. he spoke sincerely and the the time passed slowly. "i can not imagine to be without you," said ellen. "do you remember the pine dam? how did you run away from your parents and all weekend was raining and electricity was gone?" "and it did not matter to us," laughed  ellen. "and our neighbor, who hid the box with whitehaven sauvignon blanc 2015 with us and we drank it all and poured by water into them ...?". "next week it will be exactly 15 years since you invited me to the sea-calf seaside for a date." "i was terribly nervous because you were so beautiful ...". "you had a yellow shirt with a pineapple ..". "and your hair were in a ponytail and had white earrings and smoke one after another ...". "it's gone ...“

they were both silent and thinking of what it was like "before" ... ellen took sean´s hand and told him to stay till the morning. telephones flashed them on the night tables as a live, but they ignored them. to ruin that moment was not worth it. they both knew it. none of them could fall asleep, but they did not mind.

when sean awoke in the morning, ellen wasn´t there anymore. she left him a message on the refrigerator to keep her keys as usual. after the breakfast, sean cleaned up before leaving, and straightened up the pillows on the bed, as ellen liked (as she had required „before“) ...

outside, the sun was shinning, and in the pocket, sean had a handy full of messages from sammy. he wondered what he would say... charlotte day wilson - after all



about schmidt


it´s half-past three and logan is silently sitting in the office. listening to the laugh in the next rabbit´s flat, otherwise, silence is everywhere. he does not look out of the window anymore. the building outside are gray and in the windows in the opposite building are the same tragedians like him. the street is not the main one, but it is quite busy. one car is passing, then nothing, than the second one, the third one, then someone starts to horn. logan watches the clock on the wall. time is moving fucking slowly. at three o´clock, the secretary snorts, smiles at him, and ask if he wants a coffee. logan tells her to go home. she's a nice lady who has loved him for years and knows everything about him. husband left her right after he discovered she is pregnant. logan said himself many times he'd take her for a glass or two after the work, but she knew he'd never do it.

logan glanced around the table. on the one side, the pile with what is waiting for him (bigger one) and on the other side what he has already done (smaller one). in the opposite building, there are slowly extinguished all the lights in the offices.

in the hallway logan meets a few colleagues. greetings each other and nothing else. the guard at the exit is a little bit different. this guy who snores him every day (maybe logan can steal the printer or what) says that tomorrow will start to warm up and that sparta has a title in her pocket.

logan walks home to a hairdresser (starts to gray, though only a little, but starts), buys himself at a corner shop two whole-wheat rolls, red pepper, goat cheese and a bottle of rioja by baron de ley (he wondered if take it and finally decide that yeah).

the right chaos begins in the underground, so far it has been a open-and-shut. the ants are getting up and performing as agog. the system does not have anywhere. in the square of the free republic, a lady with a dog who had watched him all the time sat close to him.

at home there was silence. logan took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. he liked the feeling when no one can, and he is the absolute master of the next twelve hours until he wakes up again and does not start to subordinate everything to the nonsense.

he did not go for jogging. he made two sandwiches and poured himself wine. it was full and delicious. the food was great as well. after the dinner, he was just a little tired and he was waiting in the ceiling. he thought of simone and thought he would text her, but it did not make any sense ... he drained his cock, took a shower and went to the bed ...

it´s a half past three and the secretary knocks on the door ... no, today not yet ... outside some car is beeping – a fucking jerk, thinks logan. he can not do anything, anyway… metronomy - reservoir



the new epizode


i stood there in that stupid tie beside my wife, who had bought me it a few years ago and watched the absent writer's bitch, security guards (no muscles but obviously dominated by the kung-fu), and a lady in a black robe who read sentences whose meaning i didn´t understand at all. sometimes in her speech there was something like mutual disagreements (i saw it white, my wife black), physical alienation (yeah, she slept with another guy), a communication barrier (we have not been speaking together for the last two years) and similar shit. the carpet was dark red in color without stains, it was felt like staleness and the furniture was made of solid wood. i tipped it to the oak. no one else spoke. there was nothing to say. the writer was a pretty young and pretty girl with no taste and odor. her name was ingrid and she came from one of the smaller nuns in the north, where the lousy lived. so she went to a town where no one knew her and started working in court. firstly, she dealt with classical misdemeanors, nothing serious. property damage, minor crime, and less serious things. but then they went to the divorce and it started to tease her totally. looking at all the once-happy couples, of whom only the hate, the snoring, the quarrels, the infidelity and the "lending" of the children once every fortnight remained. initially she tried to understand, to understand one and the other. she wondered why it had happened and what was the real reason. why it came up here. in time, she began to hate her work totally and took it only as a necessity and source of money (it was nothing much, but it was still better to work in the factory), but she was quite grateful because she had no qualifications, but she could write quickly on the machine (her dad was a famous screenwriter). every day, at the entrance to the courtroom, she said she would not smoke there anymore. but then she met dave that brought her light into her sad life. he was a funny and real beauty guy (sometimes she wondered why he choze her), he was in cotton (got a lot of money) and people liked him. in addition to that, they sensibly understood in bed. ingrid had not had much experience until that time, but only one when she had made her a totally pitiful classmate in a very rough and indiscriminate manner in a third of a gypsum that she finally did not pass. dave was considerate and patient. they slept together for the first time in three months, when they went to the cabernet franc 2015 by doolhof single vineyard and then ended up at dave´s apartment. the candles reflected their shadows on the walls, dave poured pale gray - seasons, ingrid spoke of her work and she felt really fine. she did not shudder when he first took her shoes off and pulled off her skirt ... and then the white lace panties ... ingrid wanted to go to the shower first (she had already decided), but under the weight of dave´s stroking and tongue in her pussy she did not have a chance. she felt a little embarrassed for a moment, but she could hardly resists dave´s tongue, and ingrid did not say anything else. she experienced her first real and fantastic orgasm with someone other than by herself and she was already fully in his power. dave had done it her very tenderly from the front and then she sat down on him. ingrid was very learning and surprise herself. she felt more and more confident with each and every other position, and she absolutely enjoyed it. since then, they've been seeing almost every day, and they've been fine. dave was incredibly attentive, bought gifts to her, traveling together a lot and enjoyed the life. ingrid had moved to him in the meantime, and in two years they had been drawing rings. from one of the smaller nuns in the north no one came to the wedding... at that time, ingrid took off her impossible glasses, started to use makeup and going to hairstylist, sporting and dressing pretty. there were a lot of guys around her in the courtroom and everyone was running around. she lost weight a little, but her fantastic ass and tits remained. among those all the tails appeared also a sympathetic shy student of law, something that reminded her dave who had a less and less time for ingrid because he had to go to the business and finished his last life contract.

today it's exactly two years since ingrid left him ...

"your marriage is divorced, " the lady in a black robe said as equally as monotonous. i expected to ask us (i tried several times so that it sounded neither regretful nor too optimistic). at the words of the lady in the black robe, the message from dave blinked at the ingrid´s handy. he wrote that he let prepared the divorce application...

when i came out in front of the courthouse and looked for cigarettes, the sun came out of the cloud ... i did not put any weight on it...





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