chelsea drugstore


everyone had gone to sleep ... even squat mike, who has been boozeing premier league for fourteen years dropped off on the couch. only i'm still craving for another drink and beer. tomorrow's work will be cruel, but fortunately the new boss is blind and too inward - that appealed to management. In fact to that cock, who calls himself the owner - big master. my colleague shlomi knows that i am drinking, but I think he doesn´t care. he's glad he's happy and also he has trouble with the wife and a son, so I'm not solve.

like every morning after the hangover i imagine what it would be to wake up sober. prepare my wife the breakfast, enjoy the shower, fuck her (quickie from behind and no kissing), take another shower, a chat with a neighbor and with a clean collar and a smile on the lips going to job. instead, i'll put the third cigarette in bed and a cup of a strong coffee, after which I will feel still worse, but at least i'm a little thinking ... i´ll jerk off my dick (i think of the boss, fucking her through the lunch break in the warehouse), wash my face and rolls out. the wind is blowing outside and the radio plays ASAP Rocky – Everyday.

there´s a disarray at work today. like every friday once every three weeks when big master comes to the control day. it is clear that if he hits me somewhere and put me straight, he will fired me immediately and I sign the statement without any embarrassment. but I am lucky today, craps like me do not care him today, he screams the boss the whole noon. even for us ... he doesn´t show up, I am darning all the morning as possible. all of our stuff are fucking scared and work as mad. around the eleven i feel a little better even start to think about what i´ll undertake in the evening. I go for a cigarette behind the store. i meet there unexpectedly boss. she cries and tells me that i'm the only one in job who understands her. i stroke her hair, it´s going to be the lunch and i´ll probably miss it….





the mint tea


I meet mrs. miller on the stairs... how are you ali? i am fine mrs. miller, i answer.

she wants to talk, but I have more important things to worry about. karim is already waiting for me at the cafebar on the corner over a cup of mint tea. holding the handy he seems to be cool.

we greet, chat about the weather and families, then remain silence... yeah, we discussed the plans a hundred times, i know it by heart and the evening is far. 

so what, asks me karim over a cup of mint tea THE DAY AFTER? in the latest news they spoke about 129 i said..

he´s sipping expressionless but it looks like the tea is not so bitter ...

what next i wonder? nothing bro, go home and pray!

i meet mrs. miller on the stairs and i ask her how is she - she´s crying ...

Ducktails - Letter Of Intent



friends with benefits



see you at the spot tonight?

sure, we can go for a drink (the truth is that i am solidly horny and i suppose that she does so).

we talk about nonsenses, job and friends. she makes me feel good.

the chilean wine is great and jamie oliver did his best ever.      

she´s beautiful, sexy, funny, has a sparkle in her eyes and a smile that makes a man fool.  

later in the evening we go to my apartment.

i feel much more better there and do not have to go back across town in the morning and stare at the sour faces on the street.

beyond she doesn´t mind. she will give out smiles in all directions,

phone to her best friend amy for an hour and buy a salad in lidl for the lunch with the chilly sauce.

i'll take a short nap yet and in the evening i will go to the cinema alone.

i hate to share my cheese popcorn with someone else....

or shall i call her....? morcheeba - undress me now



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