perfect drug


i just wanted to say

that I won´t let you go.

without you,

i fade like a shadow.

i watch your sleep,

no one there can come in ...


lying next to you,

you're cold as ice. 

like a piece of stone.

don´t believe our touches,

i can´t look into your eyes anymore.

but i still love you honey... alabama shakes - don´t wanna fight


P1010188 beta




the morning after


see you next time? sammy pretended he sleeps.

she dressed up, stopped the cab

and went to her husband and ordinary life worries...

what the fuck was her name - melany, pauline or sweet lady jane?

does it matter? there´s no difference...

love, smile, speaking without words, one soul, waiting for the moonlight,

friendship, reality, accusation, cheques, childrens, quarrels,

divided bedrooms and another melany or pauline.....

outkast - i think i'm in love again


IMG 6836



dear spectators, welcome to the broadcast.

during this day, nothing major happened.

Europe still flowing hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria,

Russia is languishing at the beginning of the economic crisis,

the black continent continues to be torn by civil wars and famine

and disappearing in Brazil last square meters of forest.

but, patrick swayze was amazing in dirty dancing m.p. - good life


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