friends with benefits



see you at the spot tonight?

sure, we can go for a drink (the truth is that i am solidly horny and i suppose that she does so).

we talk about nonsenses, job and friends. she makes me feel good.

the chilean wine is great and jamie oliver did his best ever.      

she´s beautiful, sexy, funny, has a sparkle in her eyes and a smile that makes a man fool.  

later in the evening we go to my apartment.

i feel much more better there and do not have to go back across town in the morning and stare at the sour faces on the street.

beyond she doesn´t mind. she will give out smiles in all directions,

phone to her best friend amy for an hour and buy a salad in lidl for the lunch with the chilly sauce.

i'll take a short nap yet and in the evening i will go to the cinema alone.

i hate to share my cheese popcorn with someone else....

or shall i call her....? morcheeba - undress me now



IMG 4124

perfect drug


i just wanted to say

that I won´t let you go.

without you,

i fade like a shadow.

i watch your sleep,

no one there can come in ...


lying next to you,

you're cold as ice. 

like a piece of stone.

don´t believe our touches,

i can´t look into your eyes anymore.

but i still love you honey... alabama shakes - don´t wanna fight


P1010188 beta




the morning after


see you next time? sammy pretended he sleeps.

she dressed up, stopped the cab

and went to her husband and ordinary life worries...

what the fuck was her name - melany, pauline or sweet lady jane?

does it matter? there´s no difference...

love, smile, speaking without words, one soul, waiting for the moonlight,

friendship, reality, accusation, cheques, childrens, quarrels,

divided bedrooms and another melany or pauline.....

outkast - i think i'm in love again


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